Are your prices per person?

– No, they are per vehicle

What if you are busy?

– You can still have the service you ask for provided by one of my friends/colleagues. It happens that some day I have requests from different people (in high season even 3 or 4 for the same day), and the next day nobody contacts me at all. As it happens to me, this happens to other guys in my business as well, so we help each other out. I help filling in their empty days and they do the same with me in return. In these cases, it is up to you whether or not you use my suggested driver.

How come I don’t get email from you?

– Make sure your antispam program doesn’t trash my reply automatically, thanks!

We are a big party. Can you  provide us with services?

– I have a number of professional friends/colleagues who will help me take care of more numerous parties, so contact me for suggestions.

When does the time start and end on hourly based excursions?

– The time starts when I arrive at your pick up point and ends when I take you back to your hotel or final destination.

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