Rome,  ancient capital of the greatest empire of the world and now capital of Italy, is one of the main tourist destinations for its great number of cultural and historical sites.

The Eternal City is attractive in all seasons and temperatures are unlikely to be rigid, but probably the best time is spring when the weather is mild, neither too hot nor too cold and the long days allow you to enjoy the best tours and walks .Rome is a treasure trove of treasures, and every corner of the reserve sensational emotions. Those who visit it for the first time can make the list of things not to miss the remains of the illustrious past of Rome, from Colosseum, symbol of Rome itself, and continuing with the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Baths of Caracalla and the Arch of Constantine. The best known church to the world is just outside the Italian territory: St. Peter in the Vatican. Another important concern is St. John Lateran, the first basilica built in Rome. The capital is also known for the many fountains that adorn the squares, such as the Trevi Fountain, the Fountain of Neptune in Piazza Navona and the Triton Fountain by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Other places worth seeing are the imposing Castel Sant’Angelo, on the Tiber, and the twentieth century the National Shrine. The Roman museum collections remain exceptional, such as those kept in the Capitoline Museums and the Borghese Gallery and Museum. In the Vatican Museums are all the priceless treasures of art accumulated by popes over the centuries. Attached is the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo Buonarroti. To embrace the views of the city as a whole may go up in the beautiful park of Colle del Pincio and Rome for a full immersion in the busiest, with more features authentic, you just have to walk through the neighborhood of Trastevere.

One of our Official tourist guides and drivers will be waiting for you outside of the cruise ship terminal of Naples Sorrento or Salerno ( or at the Lobby of your Hotel) and be easily identified as he will be holding a sign with your name on it.

This tour includes :
Official tourist guide
driver and Mini van Mercedes
Tax ,fuel and parking

Tour duration is 9/10 hours

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