Sorrento is a particularly attractive in the charming and relaxed southern Italy site.
Actually, it is a particularly attractive place that refuses to not become a souvenir and in a place with little grace.
Known to the Romans as Surrentum best of this city is its great location. With some rocky cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius, Sorrento is very well placed to visit its surroundings: west, some places and some very pristine fields, and beyond Amalfi Coast; north, the city of Pompeii with its archaeological sites; just before the beautiful island of Capri. According to Greek legend, is in the waters where they lived Sorriento mythical sirens. The ancient sailors could not stand before these beautiful songs of sirens, leading to perdition them and their ships.
L’Ulisse di Omero escaped covering his ears with wax (not to listen to the songs) and bound to the mast of the ship to sail later.

One of our official tourist guides and drivers will be waiting for you outside of the cruise ship terminal of Naples Amalfi or Salerno ( or at the Lobby of your Hotel) and be easily identified as he will be holding a sign with your name on it

This tour includes
Official tourist guide
English speaking driver
Mini van Mercedes
Tax ,fuel and parking

Tour duration is 4 hours

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